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Who We Are

~Organic Tans and Teeth Whitening is a Mobile and In-Salon Beauty Concierge, specializing in Teeth Whitening and Spray Tanning in Las Vegas. Our tanning studio in Las Vegas uses solutions containing organic DHA and exotic plant extracts. We pride ourselves on using only the finest solutions and safest most-effective applications. Contact us for the latest in mobile spray-tanning and teeth whitening in Las Vegas!

 Our Organic Spray Tans

~We offer the best Spray Tan Solution on the market. It's all organic DHA and 100% vegan. It will leave you with a natural looking tan. No orange or red tint. Just an amazing flawless tan every time!

Our Teeth Whitening Service

~ Our state-of-the-art Blue LED light technology works by activating the whitening gel and initiating the chemical reaction that produces the whitening effect. This protocol involves the carefully controlled use of 16% concentration peroxide gel and an Organic Vitamin E solution. Ensuring a pain-free procedure while maximizing bleaching.