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Teeth Whitening and Spray Tanning in Las Vegas Disclaimer:

~If you have extremely sensitive teeth or gums, rescission of gums, mouth sores, cuts, significant periodontal disease, fillings that may be breaking down, unfilled cavities or chipped or warn teeth please consult your dentist before receiving any teeth whitening treatment. Teeth whitening results may vary from patient to patient. Substances such as coffee wine and nicotine could cause the teeth to discolor after treatment. To maintain the desired result use a teeth whitening pen or other home whitening kit until your next treatment. Teeth whitening procedures are not recommended more than twice a month. Must be 18 years of age or older for tanning and teeth whitening services.

~Spray Tanning Tips and Maintenance

Try to exfoliate the day before for maximum results. This will help your tan last longer and achieve the desired results. Take off any jewelery (rings are okay to wear). Do NOT apply perfume, deodorant or lotions the day of your spray tan so that the solution cannot react with any chemicals on your skin. Shave or wax at least one day before. Tuck in loose bikini strings. We supply hair nets if you require one. Be sure to wear LOOSE CLOTHING while the tan is developing. It is important that you DO NOT shower for 6-8 hours after your spray tan since it takes this long for the DHA to fully work and soak into the skin. Do not use cleaning products until you have showered as this could prevent the tan from developing properly. No swimming for 24-48 hours afterwards as chlorine in a pool will erode the tan.

~Remember, certain lotions, chlorine and excessive sweating will all shorten the life of your tan. Try to use a gentle body wash or lotions after your spray tan. It is extremely important to moisturize after 6-8 hours of getting your at home spray tan or in-salon spray tan. Any DHA product has a drying effect on the skin. Proper moisturizing will offset this effect and prolong the skin's renewal cycle - resulting in a longer lasting sunless tan. Apply moisturizer twice daily. This reduces the rate at which your skin naturally exfoliates and will keep your tan looking its best and lasting longer. With good care a spray tan can last up to 10 days.

Tanning FAQ'S & Teeth Whitening Tips

~The Benefits of a Spray Tan:

The benefits are endless, but the biggest benefit is that it does not carry the same risk of skin cancer as UV tanning beds or excessive sun bathing. It also reduces the appearance of acne, cellulite, scars and has slimming effects. It makes you look younger, more chiseled and gives the skin a healthy looking glow! It produces immediate results and is safe and painless.