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Spray Tan Prices

Spray Tanning Prices

~ Prices:

$59 for one In-Salon custom spray tan We will spray a second coat FREE if you want to go darker! (Please note it takes between 6 and 8 hours for the full color to develop).

$99 for one In-home custom spray tan.

Tanning Parties: Purchase 3 tans and get a 4th FREE (value $236). Make a day of it and spray tan with your bridal/birthday or bachelorette party! We include a bottle of wine with your tanning reservation. Host/Hostess gets tanned for free when 3 or more friends purchase a tan each!

Monthly Membership for one year of tanning (one tan per month): $299 (value $480).

Monthly Package VIP: $99 Our monthly spray tan VIP package is perfect for clients who never want to lose their gorgeous glow. You have 30 days from the date of purchase to use your tans. You get 4 spray tans to schedule on the days of your choice.

~We use only the finest organic tanning solutions using vegan Glam Tan Solution for the very best spray tan. This is an unscented hypoallergenic solution with added color correctors to ensure no reddish or orange tints! Our tanning solutions are sprayed by hand, not a machine, so that if any droplets occur this can be corrected immediately. We also stock the Suntana tanning range, which is a tanning solution enriched with aloe Vera and moisturizer. The range of solutions come in five fragrances, including coconut, strawberry, blackberry, cherry and even chocolate! Our solutions are 100% natural with exotic plant extracts. The amount of DHA in a solution determines how dark your tan will be. Spray tanning solutions have a percentage grade between 6% and 14%. This is how strong the DHA is in the solution. To find the right solution for you, we will assess your natural skin tone. The lighter the skin, the less percentage should be used to achieve a natural look. (See our spray tanning tips).

~About our Organic Spray Tans