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Teeth Whitening And Spray Tanning in Las Vegas

Assessing the shade

Fitting the Mouth Tray

~Organic Tans and Teeth Whitening use LED technology and the best teeth whitening products on the market for our teeth whitening and spray tanning services. The gel is organic and is formulated so that it does not hurt the enamel. It only takes about 20 minutes for one treatment using 16% Hydrogen Peroxide and will produce immediate results between 4-10 shades lighter.

~About our Organic Teeth Whitening

~The Teeth Whitening process

Teeth Whitening Prices


  • $199 one hour, 30 minutes treatment and a free teeth whitening maintenance pen (1-2 weeks supply). Buy two sessions and receive the 3rd free (value $345).
  • Monthly Teeth Whitening Membership for one session and a free teeth whitening maintenance pen (1-2 weeks supply) $900 for the year (value $1200).

Before and After

~We advise all patients to brush their teeth before arrival to maximize results. Upon arrival we assess the shade of your teeth using a guide to determine the current shade and compare the final shade. We will then assist you as you apply Vaseline to your gums, lips and roof of your mouth with a cotton swab, for added protection. You will then be given a tray with 16% hydrogen peroxide to insert over your teeth. Put the safety glasses on and relax while our LED UV Light works to react with the hydrogen peroxide to bleach your teeth. The procedure is pain-free and very comfortable. Finally we will give you a Vitamin E stick to apply to the gums. We will then provide you with a free teeth whitening pen to take home with you free of charge with instructions on maintaining your new, whiter teeth!